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Bruges, lace city, city of lilacs and rosaries, city of bronze faces that hold your gaze. White swans on dark Minnewater and every net curtain wants to be a summer dress.
(Hedwig Speliers, 2018)
Go to war in Flanders' fairy-tale city! The Venice of the North opens its gates and welcomes you. A terrace in the Grote Markt is definitely recommended, but only after you have won the battle!

City illustration

Conquer Bruges

3u spelplezier
+/- 6km afstand
Startlocatie: De Burg Brugge
Meer info
Meer info
Follow in the footsteps of Jan Breydel and go to battle in the shadow of the Belfry... 

Discover the hidden treasures of Bruges and unravel all its secrets! 
Collect fun facts, take on exciting quiz battles with your opponents and conquer all districts before they do. But keep it clean, because you don't want to be called a 'Brugse Zot' (a lunatic from Bruges). Although we definitely recommend that delicacy on one of the many terraces in Bruges...

Off to battle!
Ideal for a smaller group. With 2 teams of a maximum of 2 players each, you stay together & walk the same route.
With up to 6 players, you will chase the feeling of the family version with a shared rout.
2 teams
2 teams
Ideal for 2 teams with 2-4 players each. The 2 teams each take a different route.
3 teams
3 teams
Ideal for 3 teams with 2-4 players each. The 3 teams each take a different route.